About Us

CargoPLAN is a Xidera product, Gruppo GPI SpA

We are specialized in imagining and creating innovative platforms capable of connecting those who provide services and those who use them.

We provide solutions that make our users’ performance more efficient through integrated wait management systems, thanks to which we carefully welcome people within the facilities, inbound and outbound contact center technologies, management and optimization of warehouse flows.

Our aim is to restore value to your time.

The management of loading and unloading goods can be complex for both large and small companies: unpredictability of arrivals, unnecessary risks for personnel forced to move between heavy vehicles, long waits and difficulties in communicating with the drivers. CargoPLAN is the ideal solution to solve all these problems by acting on the critical points of the process .


Better efficiency in organizing the flow of the yard


Visualization of vehicle traffic – to be managed and managed


Multilingual support for drivers for login and notifications


Personnel must not turn between moving vehicles