The easy solution for your logistics

Upon arrival of the driver, the vehicle is registered via PC, smartphone or tablet, through our WebApp or by means of a totem, with or without the help of personnel in charge.

Communication is made more fluid, thanks to the initial selection of the language among the 18 available.

Monitoring dashboard

The information acquired by the system is made visible on the warehouse dashboards. The data to be detected and displayed can be customized as needed.

Easy square management

The crucial and more complex phase of flow management has been greatly simplified thanks to the intuitive interface of CargoPLAN. Clarity in the overview and ease of use with the drag and drop of the icons, together with the possibility of creating work queues, greatly facilitate the management of the flow.

In-language communications

The driver is informed of the bay to go to through the automatic sending of SMS or push notifications in the language selected during registration, when, from the interface, his vehicle is moved to the fore

Organize the work and limit the waits

Taking advantage of the booking, which the supplier carries out in total autonomy, you define in advance time slots and volumes to be managed for each operation, in order to optimize time and resources

Data and statistics

You can discover the strengths and areas of improvement of your warehouse and make it more efficient, thanks to the range of daily and historical statistics, made available by logging in as an administrator.
Among the most important data: ticket statuses, average times, number of vehicles waiting and vehicles called.


CargoPLAN has been developed to have maximum flexibility and to be able to integrate with third party software: reservation, warehouse management, security tools such as bars and plate detectors for access regulation, etc.


Book via WebApp

The transporter can make the request for access to the facility in total autonomy by selecting the type of operation, day and number of pallets.

Manage access

Drivers are accredited in guardian or with self check-in via PC, smartphone, tablet or TOTEM.

Facilitate communications

The driver chooses, from among the 18 available, the language he prefers for filling out forms and notifications.

Organize the flow in the yard

The warehouse operators view the vehicles that have accessed on the monitor and manage them through a simple drag & drop that triggers the automatic sending of notification to the driver.

Monitor and analyze

Use the statistics dashboards to check the efficiency of the site.


Do you already have software that covers part of the process, but not all of it? We integrate easily to provide you with the support you need.